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Land 'O Frost Online Coupons!
In recent years, many of our leagues and associations have asked Land O' Frost if they had online coupons or special offers that their league members could download and take to their respective stores to patronize their sponsor.  Well, the time has come.

Well, the time has come. Land O' Frost has created a link that has been placed on the KYSA web site and has been created with the sole intent of cementing a deeper relationship with our partner Youth Sports Leagues, their associations and their parents.  That link is listed below for you and along the right hand site of the KYSA home page (see Land O' Frost logo).

Our members, parents and friends can now click on the Land O' Frost icon to be taken to a form to fill out your information (this is completely optional and is only there as an extra benefit to our partner associations).  Once you fill out your information Land O' Frost will send you special savings opportunities only available for you and will let you know when they have exciting promotions going on.

We are counting on our member leagues!  Click here to sign up...

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